Shopify Tips

Showing Inventory depending on State not Countries

By Karim Chehab on Nov 22, 2023

A recent predicament we received involved a client whose main requirement was to not allow clients to purchase products across states. Even after they created specific shipping locations, Shopify would still...

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Using AI in Shopify To Write Your Products' Descriptions

By Karim Chehab on Feb 14, 2023

Not even a few weeks after ChatGPT took the world by storm that Shopify is building on that momentum and has started offering AI-powered descriptions generation for their merchants.  The rollout is gradual a...

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RapNet & "Instant Inventory" Troubleshooting

By Karim Chehab on Dec 30, 2022

Recently, we've been approached by a new client to help integrate RapNet's Instant Inventory plugin into Shopify, a powerful tool related to diamond selection and cataloging.  RapNet's widget is called "Inst...

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All You Need To Know About Shopify OS 2.0

By Karim Chehab on Dec 23, 2022

For the past decade or so, Shopify's easy-to-use section system on the homepage was hard to replicate into global sections that could be used on any page, template, etc...

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SSL Unavailable After Adding A Domain To Shopify

By Karim Chehab on Dec 19, 2022

You've added a third-party domain from third-party registrars like GoDaddy and you see an "SSL Unavailable" orange message and you don't seem to have a secure connection up and running?

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Creating a virtual bundle from individual products

By JHKCreate on Jun 21, 2022

A common request and issue that seems relevant in today's e-retail & Shopify sphere is the ability to create a virtual bundle whose inventory is automatically updated and tied to other individual products. 

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CSV Product Import Leads To Multiple Variants in One Product

By JHKCreate on Feb 13, 2022

As you're preparing to upload 1,000+ products using the Shopify CSV Import feature, you find out that Shopify is creating one product only and trying to create variants of all the other products within that ...

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Your photo exceeds 20 & 25 megapixels

By JHKCreate on Feb 06, 2022

A recurrent problem that many Shopify users face when uploading high quality images is the following error:   But how come? Your image only weighs 500KB and you made sure to compress it correctly. So what's ...

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3 Essential Tips For Faster Product Uploads

By JHKCreate on Oct 31, 2020

Uploading individual products is pretty straightforward on Shopify, add some variants to it? No problem, you would need 10 min per product to get it done. Now you have one hundred products to upload, spending 1,000 minutes to get them done is not a solution so what can you do here?

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