Using AI in Shopify To Write Your Products' Descriptions

Using AI in Shopify To Write Your Products' Descriptions

Not even a few weeks after ChatGPT took the world by storm that Shopify is building on that momentum and has started offering AI-powered descriptions generation for their merchants. 

The rollout is gradual as with most new releases, and if you'd like to know how to find this feature, then look for the icon below next to your product description field:

Once you click on the above, you will be prompted to add multiple keywords so that the "Autowrite" function knows what you're product is about. After a few tests, it seems to be much more reliable when giving bullet-point style features instead of short sentences, however your mileage may vary so we recommend you give it a few tries for your specific products.

You will also note that there is a "Tone" setting at the bottom, and that sets the output "personality" of the text, give it a few tries as well. We usually keep the "Expert" tone in use for more formal product descriptions without sounding too complicated.

Once you've inputted the keywords and set the tone, click on the "Autowrite" button on the bottom right side of the toolbox:

After that, a suggested text will appear and you can either decide to discard it or keep it.

Another function this feature offers is to rewrite text. For this to work, perform the following steps:

  1. Select the text you need to rewrite
  2. Click on the purple "Autowrite" icon
  3. Click on "Rewrite" after confirming your selected text has been added to the box

This tool is extremely useful for anyone wishing to fill their one-line descriptions or even empty boxes.

To learn more about this feature, check Shopify's documentation on this.

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