Navigating Online?

Five steps to sail the digital seas

Step 1

Do You Know What You're Selling?

The first and most critical step is to carve out your market and/or your niche. Are you selling unique fashion pieces or digital services? Where are you going to source your products from?

Step 2

Get in Touch

Ready to share your plan with us? Reach out to us via e-mail or the contact form. An introductory meeting will be set to discuss your requirements.

Step 3

Receive A Detailed Breakdown

Armed with all your requirements in mind, a detailed proposal will be prepared covering all the aspects needed with a detailed timeline and cost estimate.

Step 4


Green light given, the store setup and development will be executed based on the agreed timeline & deliverables schedule.

Step 5

Training & Support

In preparation with your store's smooth operations, a choice of training and support packages can be selected for added assistance and support on daily operations.

Our Services

General Store Setup

Do you have an idea and want to get live as fast as possible while maintaining a high standards in terms of design & execution? This service is for you.

Custom Features

Looking for a specific Shopify custom feature and not sure if it could be done or not? We'll tell you if it's doable or not and if it is, we're here to help.


A bit lost when it comes to customer service, fulfilment, payments, product upload, etc..? We're here to smoothen this out for you.

Visual Content

3D Models, Photo Editing, Brand Identity are amongst the main pillars of marketing your products when you want to stand out with a high-caliber style & enticement.

We Listen

Our first and most important step is to make sure we understand fully what your needs are. That means simulations, sketchs and prototypes until we get to what you have in mind.

We Execute

Efficiency, quality and speed of delivery form our three pillars of work. Years of experience have resulted in tried & true methods of execution that we keep adjusting everyday.

We Accompany You

We're here for you and your business long after our work is completed. Should any question arise, we will be more happy to answer and get the ball rolling for the future. Continuty is key.

What's New?

Yotpo Loyalty & WooCommerce

By Karim Chehab on Jul 07, 2023

Sailing away from our usual Shopify discussions, we're shedding today some light on Yotpo's Loyalty program, a reference in the world of digital marketing. As such, we've had quite a lot of interactions with...

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2022 Year In Review

By Karim Chehab on Jan 22, 2023

As 2022 ends, we'd love to share some metrics on what we've accomplished this year and reaffirm our commitment to making the e-retail experience accessible and smooth for retailers of all sizes and industry....

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The Ali Miller "Sherlocked" Experience

By Karim Chehab on Nov 17, 2022

Around the first third of October 2022, we were presented with a predicament: Migrate in less than a month, a full WooCommerce website with all its functionalities, design, content & data across to Shopi...

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They Trust Us

Why They Trust Us

Client satisfaction is what makes us tick and our overwhelmingly positive feedback is a testament to our vision. We are a human-sized agency, with extensive focus on the interpersonal relations we have with our clients.

Simon EB, Sweden

I've been hiring JHKCreate and their wonderful team for a while. 1st we landed a big custom website with webshop. The team with is so easy to work with and their language skills are very very high, native in multiple languages so the days with bad-english-speaking-developers are long gone! They are easy to access, develop the project with and work fast. Now we are on our 2nd project with JHKCreate and im still enjoying life as a customer to this company! Would recommend them any day of the week to my swedish friends and business connections who are looking for professional and meticolus developers. They are also in the business of branding/merchandise and have a keen eye for the important customer perspective of things.

Josh Houston

JHACompany, USA

JHKCreate has done an outstanding job in helping us with shop implementation. Intelligent and very responsive, we look forward to working with them again as we continue to build more product.

Adrien Moniquet

Adrien Moniquet, France

Une agence découverte par hasard sur un forum Shopify, et depuis je suis de ceux qui disent que le hasard fait très bien les choses!
Réactivité, adaptation, intelligence sont des mots qui conviennent pour décrire leur professionnalisme que je recommande!!

Sarah Barry

Noah&Bella, USA

I have nothing but good things to say about the JHKCreate team. They are responsive, incredibly knowledgable and helpful with all aspects of the Shopify website they support us with. We had tried a number of avenues for finding the right partner and stumbled across JHKCreate on a Shopify forum when they reached out to answer a question we had posted and had been waiting for a number of days/week for any response. We will continue to work with them as our website grows and we look to build other similar stores. I strongly recommend them to anyone looking for support.

Moro Dabron

Moro Dabron, UK

The JHK Create team have been incredibly helpful in building our business' website. They provide excellent, swift responses to all our requests and they always offer helpful solutions for any Shopify issues. We would happily recommend them to anyone - they've been an absolute pleasure to deal with.

Kevin Kubinak

FullSendDiesel, USA

I’ve been using JHK as a part time developer for my website for the last year and it has been absolutely awesome working with them. They exceed my expectations on every single project. I call them wizards very often because they make my Shopify store do things that I didn’t know was possible. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!

E-Commerce Tips

Using AI in Shopify To Write Your Products' Descriptions

By Karim Chehab on Feb 14, 2023

Not even a few weeks after ChatGPT took the world by storm that Shopify is building on that momentum and has started offering AI-powered descriptions generation for their merchants.  The rollout is gradual a...

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RapNet & "Instant Inventory" Troubleshooting

By Karim Chehab on Dec 30, 2022

Recently, we've been approached by a new client to help integrate RapNet's Instant Inventory plugin into Shopify, a powerful tool related to diamond selection and cataloging.  RapNet's widget is called "Inst...

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All You Need To Know About Shopify OS 2.0

By Karim Chehab on Dec 23, 2022

For the past decade or so, Shopify's easy-to-use section system on the homepage was hard to replicate into global sections that could be used on any page, template, etc...

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