Yotpo Loyalty & WooCommerce

Yotpo Loyalty & WooCommerce

Sailing away from our usual Shopify discussions, we're shedding today some light on Yotpo's Loyalty program, a reference in the world of digital marketing.

As such, we've had quite a lot of interactions with them on Shopify stores however since their WooCommerce integration relied on setting up API calls, it took quite a bit of custom work to integrate the WooCommerce/Wordpress shop however the end result:

  • Customer Creation (when account is created on Wordpress and when an order is made)
  • Order Creation (for points earning)
  • Order Cancellation (for points deduction)
  • Dynamic Coupon Creation from Yotpo to WooCommerce
  • Checkout Module for Coupon Redemption
  • Multi-Currency support 
  • Loyalty Page

Not a lot of documentation exists on specific WooCommerce integration online, as such we are happy to assist and execute this integration in record time and get you up and running on your WooCommerce integration with Yotpo.

We've recently just added the ability to code this fully natively within WordPress, excluding the need to use third parties like Pipedream or Zapier.

Reach out to contact@jhkcreate.com should you want to discuss this further, we'll get you sorted!