About Us

During the pandemic's early months, the team behind JHKCreate found themselves pretty much cut from physical human contact, meeting new people at work or in a bar seemed like a distant utopia.

With the advent of teleworking globally, the barrier of meeting people and working online was shattered, as a result we decided to become extremely invested in the online Shopify community, and as days and weeks passed by, our reputation amongst store owners increased.

With time, we started receiving service requests from all around the globe. The variety of shops was invigorating: nutritional, high school merchandising, lingerie, artisanal jewelry, etc... The momentum warranted the creation of an official entity recently to properly engage with clients and grow the structure.

This how JHKCreate was born, out of this need of human contact.

Our current client base spans the globe across 15 countries, a night schedule is in place for clients in the far east and far west. It's still extremely exciting meeting new people worldwide.

The "Alpha" Office

Starting from one's garage seems to be the norm, however we repurposed a living room to serve as our office, it's more comfortable especially during heatwaves.

NB: Notice the first draft of the logo on a marvelous A4 paper.

Logo Evolution

Logo design is an iterative process that almost always ends in a "eureka" moment. Ours was the result of an extremely talented designer to whom we owe that elegant logo.