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RapNet & "Instant Inventory" Troubleshooting

Recently, we've been approached by a new client to help integrate RapNet's Instant Inventory plugin into Shopify, a powerful tool related to diamond selection and cataloging. 

RapNet's widget is called "Instant Inventory" and displays an extensive selection of diamonds that allows users to filter and sort thousands of SKUs then submit a contact form based on their selection.

Being a standard script integration, we were faced with a refusal of the iframe to be generated, giving us the following error:

ii.api.prod.rapnet.com refused to connect.

After troubleshooting, we realized that the configuration inside the widget on the RapNet's dashboard had the website URL configured to: www.domain.com , we switched this to https://www.domain.com/ and the widget worked directly out of the box, fixing the issue.

Thought we'd share this small issue and its solution, wishing you all a Happy New Year and a strong 2023 ahead!

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