All You Need To Know About Shopify OS 2.0

All You Need To Know About Shopify OS 2.0

For the past decade or so, Shopify's easy-to-use section system on the homepage was hard to replicate into global sections that could be used on any page, template, etc...

Merchants still running themes older than one year will probably know what we mean here: Any new page needs to be either coded from scratch (with Liquid/HTML or a page builder) or the sections copied to new files for every new template created.

Considering you want to have a text + image section replicated across multiple pages with different content on each template, you're pretty much out of luck for volume intensive work. Is there a solution instead of migrating to an OS2.0 theme?

Well, yes actually. Metafields added to page can act as a dynamic element for those static sections. What can be done is that a simple template will be created (an image + a text section), then instead of filling it through the theme customiser were it will be the same across all pages, we create a new page, assign the template to it and fill the image and text on the product page itself through meta fields.

It's not perfect, but it works and doesn't require a whole OS 2.0 upgrade.

To read more about OS 2.0, we invite you to check it out here on the official Shopify website.

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