3 Essential Tips For Faster Product Uploads

3 Essential Tips For Faster Product Uploads

Uploading individual products is pretty straightforward on Shopify, add some variants to it? No problem, you would need 10 min per product to get it done.

Now you have one hundred products to upload, spending 1,000 minutes to get them done is not a solution so what can you do here?

  1. Get Information from suppliers or brands
    Most often that not, suppliers & brands have an Excel sheet that contains all sorts of information pertaining to your products (Barcodes, SKUs, Titles, Weight, Cost, HS Code, etc...).

  2. Export The Shopify Template CSV File
    Shopify has a built-in function to import products in bulk following a specific Excel sheet that can be filled based on the information you sourced personally or from suppliers & brands. 

  3. Name Your Product Image
    If you don't have the images online you would need to upload them to Shopify then map them in manually which takes a long time. Why not rename the product images to following the product titles, upload them in bulk and prefill the Image URL with their names? Saves hours and even days if your catalog is huge.

Do you have more tips to share? Let us know in the comments section below!

Happy uploading!

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