Creating a virtual bundle from individual products

Creating a virtual bundle from individual products

A common request and issue that seems relevant in today's e-retail & Shopify sphere is the ability to create a virtual bundle whose inventory is automatically updated and tied to other individual products. 

Assume for example you have a white and black T-Shirt as individual products, and you want to offer customers the ability to purchase a bundle containing a white t-shirt, a black t-shirt and a small gift. 

The small gift here (GWP) has its own inventory but is not sold individually, however you don't want to oversell the bundle so you don't run out of other.

If this is confusing, let's visual this better:

Individual Products:

  • White T-Shirt: 23 in Stock
  • Black T-Shirt: 29 in Stock
  • GWP: 30 in stock

Bundle Product:

  • White T-Shirt + Black T-Shirt + GWP: ? in stock

To create a bundle product whose inventory is tied to the individual products, you should follow the following steps:

  1. Create a new product and name it "Virtual Bundle"
  2. Add description, images, price, etc..
  3. Keep inventory set at 0 but make sure to enable "Track quantity"
  4. Disable "Continue selling when out of stock"
  5. Install the on your store
  6. Select the virtual bundle you created as your parent product and add the individual products underneath it.

And voila! Both your independent and virtual bundle's inventory are now synced together, if one item is bought, all is adjusted dynamically. 

The answer to the bundle product inventory quantity would thus be:

  • White T-Shirt + Black T-Shirt + GWP: 23 in stock

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