SSL Unavailable After Adding A Domain To Shopify

SSL Unavailable After Adding A Domain To Shopify

You've added a third-party domain from third-party registrars like GoDaddy and you see an "SSL Unavailable" orange message and you don't seem to have a secure connection up and running?

This is part of the course with Shopify as it needs up to 48h for the domain to be authenticated properly. If that still isn't working make sure your DNS settings are configured properly as per the official Shopify troubleshooting below:

  • Verify that your A record is and your CNAME record is
  • If you use CAA records, verify that you have added all the required certification authorities.
  • If you use an AAAA record, remove it.
  • If you have DNSSEC enabled for your domain, then disable it.

Otherwise, Shopify recommends contacting their live support and they will take of this for you. 

If you buy the domain through Shopify, make sure to remember to transfer it to your domain registrar if you want to repurpose it for something else, otherwise it can get quickly complicated to get it released.

We always recommend using a separate registrar to keep full control of your domains and point them where they need to go to.

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