Your photo exceeds 20 & 25 megapixels

Your photo exceeds 20 & 25 megapixels

A recurrent problem that many Shopify users face when uploading high quality images is the following error:


But how come? Your image only weighs 500KB and you made sure to compress it correctly. So what's the issue?

A common misconception is to mistake megapixels with megabytes. 

If your image is lightweight when it comes to megabytes, make sure to reduce the overall resolution to something more web friendly and manageable

25 Megapixels is around 5,000x5,000 for example, reducing this to 800x800 generates a file of 0.64 Megapixel which can then be uploaded to Shopify

A popular freeware tool is IrfanView along with its pack of plugins.

Should you need more information on photo uploading on Shopify, drop us a message!

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