Ali Miller London

A Quirky Migration From WooCommerce To Shopify

The Ask

Around the first third of October 2022, we were presented with a predicament: Migrate in less than a month, a full WooCommerce website with all its functionalities, design, content & data across to Shopify.

We've been noticing a constant increase in merchants pulling the trigger and switching to Shopify for many different reasons, but the primary issue always revolved around the moderate user friendliness and maintenance-heavy approach.

Ali Miller's website was built on top of WooCommerce and had enough plugins protruding from the seams to fill an encyclopedia. It was thus necessary to replace all plugins with native functionality directly thanks to the power of Shopify's OS2.0 platform and the flexibility of its Liquid language.

Ali Miller's fine china creations, made with expertise in the UK embody our love and admiration to quality craftsmanship in a sea of generic mediocrity, we were thus not only motivated by the technical challenge, but also by our shared passion for quality materials and products.

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We're absolutely positive that as you were enjoying Sherlock & John solving crimes and saving the free world, you may have seen Ali Miller's tea sets during the impromptu tea party of arch enemies Moriarty and Holmes. Or perhaps you saw the Hampstead Heath teapot tumbling from the hands of Mrs. Not-Your-Housekeeper-Hudson, only to be caught at the last moment by one frazzled detective.


A Quick Overview Of How We Made It

October 13th, 2022

First Brief Received

The first brief from the client included the overall ideas they had in mind and the improvements they wanted done. A few days of digesting the information was necessary to properly formulate an action plan.

October 17th, 2022

Development Store Creation

Once the brief had been digested, we were now ready to start with the initial building blocks of any Shopify website, starting with the store's creation under our Shopify Partners account followed by the initial configuration.

October 26th, 2022

The Sprint Begins

First full draft of the website completed and ready for design tweaks, section choice and content assignment. Preparations for full data migration started on this date and an Asana project was setup to lay out the roadmap ahead.

November 6th, 2022

Things Are Starting To Take Final Shape

Main design sections are now done and ready for up close scrutiny and minor touch ups from all sides. Data migration has also been done, all orders, customers and products have been carried over as required. Yotpo reviews proved problematic due some CSV mishaps that were solved by the support team.

November 15th, 2022


After a final import for update the orders and customers, the store ownership is transferred to the client, the domain's DNS is modified to point to the new Shopify store and the journey now begins.

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