A Candle Vessel, Millennia In The Making

Our partnership with Moro Dabron celebrates its two year anniversary this month. What started off as small tweaks back in 2020 has now morphed to a full website revamp in less than three weeks.

The speed was necessary in order to allow Austin & Eliza, the power duo behind Moro Dabron to highlight their latest collaboration with London-based workshop: Jamb London.

To describe their latest collaboration, who better than the creators to explain in their own words: "A collaboration between Moro Dabron and Jamb, who have created a candle vessel with the appearance of an ancient Roman bronze, salvaged from a seabed after thousands of years of ageing. This unique vessel is combined with a layered, smoky fragrance which captures the spirit of the English country house."

Let's deep dive a bit into this wondrous piece of accumulated knowhow, built by hand and scented beyond olfactory limits.

We at JHKCreate are big fans of products made meticoulsly with love and ancient knowledge, as such we felt it was natural to celebrate products such as this.


How A Website Was Revamped In Less Than Three Weeks

Both Moro Dabron & JHKCreate consolidated efforts in an optimal fashion to make sure the deadline is respected, just in time for the collaboration launch. A timeline below shows just how efficient the process was:

18th of October, 2022

First Contact

Moro Dabron reach out to JHKCreate, stating an upcoming website revamp is in the works with a launch date of November 9th.

24th of October, 2022

Figma Design Completed

Austin & Eliza finalise the Figma, development can thus start at earnest.

29th of October 2022

Start of Validation

Project tracking setup on Asana for immediate feedback and reactivity. Desktop & Mobile versions are checked across the board and pages.

7th of November 2022

New Design Launch

After a week of consistent feedback and progress, the new website was launched and ready for the big collaboration reveal with Jamb London scheduled for the 9th of November 2022.

We hope you enjoyed our little deep dive into Moro Dabron's latest initiative, should you have anything close in mind, drop us an email and let's talk!