What makes us unique?

What makes us unique?

Going through recollections of feedback we've continuously been receiving for the past two years, the main recurring praise is our extensive honesty above anything else.

Some of our clients were genuinely shocked when we recommended much cheaper approaches than what they had in mind or what was suggested to them. Why turn down a lucrative project if the client is happy to do it? The answer is quite simple, our mission is to empower anyone willing to jump into the e-commerce waters, as such, we're also our clients business consultants on how to think years down the road. If a customer thinks a specific function is worth it and wants it done, we usually assess it in the grand scheme of things. 

Is that amount better spent on getting this feature done or creating collaborations with marketing channels?

If we think a specific project is not being deployed at the correct time, we will tell you. If we have a much quicker and cost-effective solution, we will tell you and fight for it to be implemented.

We want to be able to provide quality expertise, while also being a true consultant, looking out for your business and not eyeing a quick profitable project, never to be seen again. 

At the time of writing, 99% of all our customers become returning customers, we want to nurture trust-rich environments, where no surprises and rip-offs are part of the game. 

Have a question? Don't hesitate to ask! We answer pretty quickly as you shall see.